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Mark Your Calendars!!

Klamath County Solid Waste Landfill Free Events Schedule is here. Mark your calendars for this year’s yard debris free events for Crescent and Chemult Landfills..


Klamath County Spring Cleanup                May 5, 2018

North Klamath County Spring Cleanup   June 1 & 2, 2018

Klamath County Fall Cleanup                      Nov 3, 2018

North Klamath County Fall Cleanup         Sept 15, 2018



Walker Range F.P.A. History

On May 31, 1927, owners of Shevlin/Hixon Company, Fremont Land Company, Gilchrist Timber Company and Ralph E Gilchrist met to organize Walker Range Patrol Association. They adopted the By-laws of the organization, and elected the Board of Directors. Mr. C. L. Isted of Shevlin/Hixon was elected President and Mr. J. H. Haner was elected secretary.

Walker Range was formed for the preservation of forests generally and particularly for protection from fire, insect depredations, and other purposes.

The principal place of business was in Deschutes County in Bend, Oregon. It would embrace all timber lands of its members in or adjacent to Deschutes River Valley, also other lands over which it may assume cooperative protection within it’s boundaries.

The assessment rate in 1928 was one cent an acre for each association member. The first operating budget for 1929 was $10,085.00

The contract to protect state forestlands within Walker Range boundaries was signed May 2, 1931.

There were stations at Shevlin Station, LaPine and Crescent. There were lookouts on Pumice, Summit and McCarty Buttes.

In 1936 Walker Range Patrol Association bought LaPine Southern Telephone Company which ran from LaPine to the Fremont Highway near Fort Rock.

In 1938 Walker Range purchased from Gilchrist Timber Company a 4-ton capacity truck and a Caterpillar Cat with winch, lights and a trenching plow for $5800.00. The truck was a federal motor truck and the cat was a model 22.

On December 18, 1939 a contract to protect lands of the Deschutes and Fremont National Forests was signed that was within Walker Range boundaries.

In 1942 the Forest Service started to man McCarty Butte Lookout.

Mr. Isted retired from Shevlin/Hixon and as Walker Range President in 1944. He served as President for 17 years. There have only been six managers of Walker Range from the time of organization until present.

In 1950 Shevlin/Hixon sold the mill and timberlands to Brooks Scanlon.

Walker Range was incorporated in 1928, and in September 13, 1973 new articles of incorporation making the association non-profit were written.

In 1975 the boundary lines of Walker Range were changed, dropping Deschutes County and keeping Klamath and Lake Counties as our northern boundary.

The first major fire on Walker Range protection lands occurred July 15, 1990. That was Spring Butte fire, which burned 945 acres.

Over the years land was sold to the Fremont National Forest.

Gilchrist Timber Company bought the land of Mr. Ralph Gilchrist.

Brooks Scanlon bought Shevlin/Hixon.

Diamond International bought Brooks Scanlon.

Crown Pacific bought Diamond International.

Finally on October 1, 1991 Crown Pacific bought Gilchrist Timber Company making them our largest landowner.

Oregon Department of Forestry bought over 43,000 acres from Fidelity to form the Gilchrist State Forest in 2010. Oregon Department of Forestry purchased the remaining timberlands from The Conservation Fund.  Walker Range FPA  will continue providing fire protection for these acres.

Called Cascade Forest Resource LLC changed hands and is now Whitefish Cascade Timberlands.

Whitefish Cascade Timberlands changed their company name to Shanda  Asset Management,  LLC May 2017.